Author: Vicki Russell

EUFASD News 8 Aug 2022

The Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland (Scotland) – FASD ACROSS THE LIFESPAN: BEHAVIOURAL PROBLEMSThis is the fourth blog in the series presenting key elements from Prof Plant’s forthcoming report. While the last blog looked at the physical problems experienced by people with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, this blog explores some of the behavioural problems. Scoop (New Zealand) […]

EUFASD News 24 July 2022

The Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland (Scotland) – Women, Alcohol, Pregnancy and FASDIn this first blog of six, Professor Moira Plant shares highlights from her report to be published this summer. National Geographic – The overlooked toll of drinking alcohol while pregnantEstimates suggest up to 5 percent of people in the U.S. have fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Here’s […]

EUFASD News 10 Jul 2022

Brock University – Brock research exploring the gut’s link to mental health in children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum DisorderNew Brock University-led research is exploring the role gut health plays in the mental health of youth with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). CTV News – Quebec study finds alcohol and pregnancy something men should be careful about tooWhile […]

EUFASD News 26 Jun 2022

CBC (Canada) – Support for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder welcomed, but families say more needs to be doneA woman who has a child with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder says a recent funding announcement gives other families some reason for hope. The Scotsman (Scotland) – FASD Scotland: ‘I felt like the worst parent in the world’ – ‘hidden’ […]

EUFASD News 12 June 2022

EUFASD – EUFASD 2022 Registration is OpenWelcome to EUFASD 2022! in the charming town of Arendal in Southern Norway! The first Regional Competence Center for children with prenatal alcohol/drug exposure in the Nordic countries is proud to host this exciting cutting-edge conference for the first time in Norway. University of Eastern Finland (Finland) – Pregnant women’s drinking […]

EUFASD News 29 May 2022

NZ Herald (New Zealand) – Neurological disabilities at the centre of appeal for teenage killer Haami HanaraLawyers of teenage killer Haami Hanara say his diagnosis of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder could be the key to determining if he was fit to stand trial for the 2018 murder of Kelly Donner. BC Gov News (Canada) – B.C. improves […]

EUFASD News 15 May 2022

The Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland (Scotland) – FASD is becoming more of a concern for community nurses and midwivesIn March 2022, the Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland conducted an online survey about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). This was a Year 1 activity of Healthier Pregnancies, Better Lives (HPBL) – a QNIS programme supported by Cattanach and […]

EUFASD News 24 Apr 2022 (USA) – One drink can hurt your child for a lifetime: Stacey ReidWhile our nation tries to make sense of a pandemic, a chronic health disorder continues unabated and practically undetected. Yahoo News (USA) – New Orlando clinic helping identify, support children with fetal alcohol syndromeA first of its kind clinic in Central Florida is helping […]

EUFASD News 14 Apr 2022

FASD United (USA) – Support HR4151/S2238 The FASD Respect ActI’m writing in support of  The FASD Respect Act (HR4151/S2238). Congress first addressed Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in 1998. Cumnock Chronicle (UK) – FASD affects 12,000 individuals in Ayrshire and ArranAyr, Carrick and Cumnock MP Allan Dorans has recently met with the founders […]