The Russell Family Fetal Alcohol Disorders Association (rffada) is a national not-for-profit health promotion charity dedicated to prevention and ensuring that individuals living with FASD or at risk of fetal alcohol exposure have access to diagnostic services, post diagnostic multidisciplinary management planning and parent peer support.

For all media and other enquiries contact Elizabeth [Anne] Russell on 0412 550 540 or email at
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rffada VIDEO ‘The Gold Evidence: Parents Supporting Parents’

This video was co-funded with contribution from the Australian Commonwealth Department of Health.

rffada VIDEO: FASD Prevention

RFFADA produced the first prevention video for mainstream Australians. Thanks to the Alaska Mental Health Trust for letting us use their format.

EU FASD News 8 Jan 2023

University of Helsinki (Finland) – Early prenatal alcohol exposure affects genes involved in embryonic development. Alcohol exposure in early pregnancy can change gene function during the tightly regulated embryonic development, and consequently cause developmental disorders – especially neurodevelopmental disorders. CBC (Canada) – Walking together. It was also around that time she was diagnosed with fetal alcohol spectrum […]

EUFASD News 27 November 2022

Insider – Less than 1 alcoholic drink a week in pregnancy is enough to change the fetal brain, study suggestsHaving less than one alcoholic drink a week during pregnancy is enough to change the fetal brain in ways that can lead to problems once a child is born, like language deficits, new research suggests. Love What […]

EUFASD News 7 Nov 2022

National Indigenous Times (Australia) – The Roebourne foetal alcohol disorder sufferer turning disability into opportunity for local mob. For 43-year-old Ieramagadu (Roebourne) woman Rachel Samson, her diagnosis of foetal alcohol spectrum disorder opened the door to work and putting smiles on the faces of mob in the Pilbara. Vitalité Health Network (Canada) – New Brunswick Fetal Alcohol […]