Sonia Berton is Past President of the rffada, Dr Jan Hammill is current president and Anne Russell Executive Officer of the rffada are both available for media comment on the rffada and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.  Anne has the unique perspective of being a birth mother.


Dr Jan Hammill Janet.hammill@uq.edu.au

Elizabeth [Anne] Russell 0412 550 540 elizabeth@rffada.org



Adam Shand : The Liquor Lobby

Hangover For Life New Zealand

FASD Australia

Hangover For Life – 60 Minutes New Zealand

The Sobering Truth – 60 Minutes Australia

Hangover for Life


Series of videos on FASD by Anne Russell


We have no requests for Friday 10 May, so if you have anything that you would lilke to hear about please let me know on elizabeth@rffada.org.


Seth talks about what works for him

FASD for teachers

Adults with FASD for adults with FASD – video 2 

Adults with FASD for adults with FASD – Video 1

FASD and rewards and punishment

FASD and stealing and ownership

FASD and Lack of Motivation

FASD and Sensory Dysfunction

FASD and Perseveration

FASD and young children

FASD and Puberty

Communication and People with FASD

Next in the series of interventions for children with FASD

First in a series of interventions for children with FASD

A Plea to Mr Turnbull

What is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

What is it about FASD, the CDC Guidelines and alcohol and pregnancy?

How do I know if my child has FASD?

FASD and Intervention Strategies

FASD and employment

Seth’s History

Mick’s History

FASD and School

Birth Mothers and the 12 Steps

FASD and parenting

FASD Secondary Disabilities


A series of short papers on FASD from Jerrod Brown Adjunct Professor Concordia University St Paul

pdfFASD and safety considerations

pdfFASD and suggestibility

 FASD and confabulation

 FASD and the criminal justice system

 FASD and the juvenile justice system

 FASD offender reentry

 FASD screening in criminal justice settings

 FASD and the courts

 FASD in confinement settings

 FASD and art therapy

 FASD – a review for criminal justice personnel

 FASD in the criminal justice settings – In Plain Sight

 Social dysfunction – a key issue in social settings

 What forensic professionals need to know about FASD