The Pregnancy and Alcohol Cessation Toolkit (PACT) Educational Resource

To facilitate the capability of health professionals to have these consultations in everyday clinical practice ‘The Pregnancy and Alcohol Cessation Toolkit (PACT) Educational Resource’ has been developed.

The PACT has been developed in New Zealand by members of a Working Group comprised of experts in Addiction Medicine, Midwifery, General Practice including Practice Nursing, Paediatrics, Psychiatry and Public Health and through consultation with a broad range of key stakeholders organisations in the health sector.

The objective of the tool kit is summarised as being:

To prompt and support health professionals to:

  1. Ask about and assess alcohol and other drug use by women who are planning or who are pregnant
  2. Provide brief advice about not drinking alcohol when planning a pregnancy or when pregnant and explain why this is important
  3. Assist women who are having difficulty stopping, or whose drinking is problematic, and refer them to a specialist addiction treatment service

Acess ‘The Pregnancy and Alcohol Cessation Toolkit (PACT) Educational Resource’ via teh AOTEAROA website.

In addition to the tool kit you can view videos from the NZ Breakfast Show with Chris Rogan the project Coordinator and from Professor Doug Sellman.

Other resources

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