This page is intended to document changes that have been made to the site by administrators. Logged changes should include Joomla core upgrades, extension installations and upgrades (including version numbers), theme changes, module additions and changes and any other configuration changes. Please add your log entries in bullet point form below the date (H2 heading) that the changes were made.

15 June 2012 (KB)

  • Smart Search module – turned on GO button.

14 June 2012 (KB)

  • Updated the style format page with newer text and links to docs.

20-22 March 2012 (LJ)

  • Added media manager plugin to JCE and added editor buttons; added fullpage, emotions and iframe plugin but did not add editor buttons to layout – use as required;
  • Added main header module to replace template logo and text;
  • Changed Contact us area;
  • changes to contact us form – added email and thank you
  • Added contact landing page and dummy google map

20 March 2012 (KB)

  • Created a sitemap footer link (cant get menu names to display- not happy with the look)
  • Changed Footer menu to have multiple items under the About this site item.
  • Made a footer menu submenu module to display those items at depth level 2. (using secondary menu style suffix by default).
  • Changed accessibility page to prep for an accessibility statement. Turned the menu item off by default.
  • Created a new Resize your text page to link to from that menu
  • Created a new Login / logout page with the login / logout module embedded as suggested by brian

27 Feb 2012 (BH)

  • Uploaded latest template from github
  • Added csscolor.php to template repository and changed include path constructor
  • Styled footer menu
  • Trashed Test Menu module (not needed – just change the Primary Menu module source menu to “Test Menu” if a test is needed)
  • Upgraded to Gantry Framework 3.2.16
  • Added joomla front-end edit icon tooltip styling for better contrast / readability.
  • Added patTemplate 3.1.0 (required by Extended Menu)
  • Added default suckerfish styles, menu template and changes to index.php.
  • Moved system messages from analytics position to content-a position.
  • Added jquery for superfish functionality.

17 Feb 2012 (BH)

  • Uploaded initial “clean” master site (Joomla 1.7.5)
  • Installed Gantry framework 3.2.15
  • Installed latest pre-release Energetica template
  • Added Primary, Secondary, Test and Hidden menus and corresponding modules where appropriate
  • Installed Extended Menu module – snapshot-20111110 (build 86) – for accessible menus of various types
  • Installed Chronoforms 4.0 RC3.11
  • Added one basic Chronoforms contact form
  • Added “Powered by Joomla” and “Built by Energetica” credit buttons to footer (with mouse over hover states)
  • Installed JCE 2.0.21 and made it the default rich-text editor
  • Created “Energetica” JCE profile for simple front and back-end rich-text editing
  • Added styling to template.css (see github commit history). No dynamic styling overrides.
  • Installed Akeeba Backup v 3.3.13 (core)

17/02/11 LJ

  • Added Energetica user group
  • Upload Xmap 2.2.1
  • Xmap content an weblinks enabled
  • Upload OSContent 1.4
  • Instal OSE File manager 3.0 – has stupid large logo in tool interface – we are to make a decision on the usefulness or relevance of this tool staying in the site. Decision: to assess if this stays in after it has been added to a couple of sites.
  • Instal Phoca Maps 2.0.4
  • Load module in article plugin v2.0.0 – syntax is {“module [63]”} no “” where number is module number
  • Phoca maps plg 2.0.5
  • Akeeba Admin tools 2.2.a2
  • Modules
  • preheader-c Search
  • preheader-a Secondary Menu
  • footer-a footer menu
  • content-top-a Welcome
  • Added footer content, privacy, T&C, search, login and accessibility standard text

Feb 29 – March 1 LJ


To do:
Set up and link a site map – KB

Edit footer menu and make menu like Pango – KB

with a sub nav item for the form – LJ
Create default module styles – KB
User menu – KB
Login – KB


Fix editor width – LJ – wating to see if layout/margin changes resolve this

Load module in article plugin v2.0.0
Plugin to display a module into an article. Placing the same module more then once on a page might result in conflicts. Dont forget to ENABLE this plugin in the plugin-manager. Syntax in editor: {module [63]} where 63 is the id of the module. You can overrule the default style like this: {module [63|rounded]}. Options are ‘none’, ‘xhtml’ (wrapped by a div) and ’rounded’ (wrapped by multiple divs).

Note re OSE file manager people have access to folders higher than public_html