People love to give
well meaning and unsolicited advice, particularly when it comes to parenting.
I’m fairly certain that folks don’t mean to be insulting or annoying when they
tell me that my kids are completely normal and that I just need to relax more.
Honey, I’d like nothing more than to relax but the consequences of letting down
my guard and ignoring history is a sure path to disaster around here. I
sometimes wish I could just hand out a pamphlet to the helpful neighbor who
watches me hover and tells me to stop worrying so much (don’t you think I’d
like to do that?), or the nice lady at the supermarket that laughs because
“boys will be boys” and hands them candy. Yes, they will. And no they won’t. My
personal favorite is when someone tells me that all they need is a good
spanking. Who knew that a good swat would cure brain damage? (And, yes, I’m
starting to use that response out loud.)