Rosie Ann Fulton

As you are aware the case of Roseanne Fulton who has been indefinitely detained in a Kalgoorlie Prison for the past eighteen months for driving offences was highlighted by Tony Jones on Lateline last Wednesday evening.  Mr Ian Mckinlay is Joint Guardian and a founding member of the Aboriginal Disability Justice Campaign.
Below is a list of media interviews and articles concerning the case of Roseanne Fulton who is indefinitely detained in Kalgoorlie Prison because the Northern Territory government refuses to assist in her transfer back to Alice Springs.
Please do sign the petition on to support the transfer of Roseanne Fulton. You can also sign the petition by the rffada to have FASD acknowledged as a disability by the Federal Government.
There are now 100,137 people who have signed the petition
Alternatively please write to the NT Chief Minister, Minister for Health and Attorney General to advocate the NT’s government intervention in the return of Roseanne Fulton to her home in Alice Springs 

Wednesday 12th March

Thursday 13th march

Articles in the Guardian

The Australian Human Rights Commission

The Australian…/story-fn9hm1pm-1226852947945