Europe PMC – Protecting the future child: Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder, easy rescue and the regulation of maternal behaviour
This paper argues that social contexts of inequality are crucial to understanding the ethics of gestational harm and responsibility. Recent debates on gestational harm have largely ignored the social context of gestators, including contexts of inequality and injustice.

bioRxiv – Impacts of early exposure to ethanol on adenosine functioning in zebrafish
These results demonstrated that even a short and specific exposure to ethanol can promote, even if mild, effects on neuronal modulation, increasing susceptibility to seizures.

Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research – Results of an fetal alcohol spectrum disorders screening tool are associated with neuropsychological and behavioral measures
The results support the effectiveness of the FASD-Tree as a screening tool for use in clinical settings, providing an efficient and accurate way to identify patients in need of additional evaluation.

European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience – Effects of prenatal alcohol exposition on cognitive outcomes in childhood and youth: a longitudinal analysis based on meconium ethyl glucuronide
Subclinical PAE, as determined by meconium EtG, has negative developmental consequences on cognitive function that persist from childhood to adolescence.

Journal of Women’s Health – Polysubstance Use in Pregnancy: Surveillance, Interventions, and Next Steps
Polysubstance use is common among people who use substances during pregnancy; however, the risks of combined substance exposures during pregnancy are poorly understood.

University of the Western Cape – Examining the factors associated with substance use during pregnancy in low socio-economic status communities in the Western Cape province, South Africa
Substance use in South Africa, specifically in the Western Cape remains a huge social problem for the entire population generally and pregnant women in particular given their unique vulnerabilities.

JAMA network Open – Association of Pregnancy-Specific Alcohol Policies With Infant Morbidities and Maltreatment
The primary outcomes were 1 or more infant injuries associated with maltreatment and infant morbidities associated with maternal alcohol consumption within the first year.

Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology – Clinician views on reporting pregnant and birthing patients who use alcohol and/or drugs to child welfare
Participants agreed with most, but not, all child welfare reporting decisions. When participants disagreed or felt conflicted with reporting decisions, these feelings were almost entirely related to decisions to report, which, in some cases, were prompted by hospital or state policies.

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