A successful event welcomed by parents and their children. This event is unique in Australia as an example of the best support for families living with FASD. Organiser Sam Pinnell wrote: We had a brilliant day. There were about 100 parents, carers and children attend. It was lovely meeting new families and being able to talk to them about my FASD journey with my sons as well as hearing there’s. These get togethers give the kids a chance to spend time together and make new friendships. If a child has a melt down here which rarely happens due to them having a good time, no one stares or says anything nasty as we have all been in the position. This is a safe place for parents to not feel judged. Talking to other parents helps show them they are not alone. Just being able to have a coffee with no stress is very refreshing as it doesn’t happen often. It was really relaxing but beautiful to watch our kids laughing and just being kids. I spoke to some parents who said this is the only time in the year they have been able to bowl with there kids and loved it. It really is a lovely day and hopefully we can continue each year with these Xmas parties and get togethers. Thank you to the RFFADA for your support.