Penny Frazier, Cody Murrell Murrel, Dorothy Badry, Megan Mierau (Editor), Theresa Tucker-Wright (Editor), Erin Leveque (Eds) (16 Nov 2020) YOUTH IN CARE CHRONICLES: Reflections on Growing Up in the Child Welfare System. Independently Published The authors, for me, quietly honour the youth who still struggle, while still celebrating those that overcome tremendous odds and are able to control the pain rather than allowing the pain to control them. They are fighting back and giving hope to others”. Peter Smyth, Social Worker, Author, Advocate In Canada, youth from the child welfare system are 200 times more likely to become homeless, 60 times more likely to become victims of sex trafficking, and 5 times more likely to die before they are 30 years of age. Their uncommon lives require uncommon valour to rise above their complex adversities and break through the many barriers they face. These are the real-life stories of 18 former youth in care as told by them – in voices that are raw and honest and insightful and strong. The authors break down stereotypes and build up respect through sharing what they have survived and what their hopes for the future are. They want other youth to know that they know the struggle is real, that they are not alone, and that life can get better. It is their hope that this book will also serve to inform practice, act as a resource for those who work with children in care and influence meaningful change within the system. Storytelling is a pathway to healing.