Maple Ridge News (Canada) – More supports ‘urgently’ needed for those living with FASD
Those living with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, FASD, face a future with little support, and a lack of understanding that is rife with racist assumptions.

CBC (Canada) – Spike in young adult drinking raises alarm at N.B.’s fetal alcohol centre
Annette Cormier has a habit of thinking nine months out when she looks at behaviour patterns today. So when new research from UNB suggests a third of young adults in New Brunswick are drinking more during the pandemic, she asks herself: How many are women who don’t yet know they’re pregnant and the harm that can result?

Essential Baby – Why dads-to-be should put down the beer: Alcohol before conception found to increase birth defect risk
Bad news for men hoping to become dads: new research has found a potential link between paternal preconception drinking and a higher risk of birth defects.

New Era Newspaper (Namibia) – Dashed hopes, damaged lives … drinking while pregnant puts babies at risk
Of all children assessed for disability in the Erongo region, 25% were found with disabilities more likely related to fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), a medical expert has said.

USA Today – Two or more of these risk factors during pregnancy may increase a child’s risk of mental health problems years later, study says
Doctors have long known that unplanned pregnancies in women with certain chronic health problems and exposure in the womb to substances like drugs and alcohol can lead to a child’s increased risk for psychiatric or behavioral problems.