The Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland (Scotland) – FASD ACROSS THE LIFESPAN: BEHAVIOURAL PROBLEMS
This is the fourth blog in the series presenting key elements from Prof Plant’s forthcoming report. While the last blog looked at the physical problems experienced by people with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, this blog explores some of the behavioural problems.

Scoop (New Zealand) – International Fasd Awareness Day: September 9, 2022
This is an international awareness campaign giving voice and support to those affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Every year on the 9th day of the 9th month, to symbolise the nine months of pregnancy, millions of people around the world hold events to promote public awareness of FASD and support those who are affected by it.

WITF – What is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and is it under diagnosed?
Pregnant women are warned not to drink alcohol or smoke because it may harm their babies. Unfortunately, there are too many that don’t heed the warnings or drink when they don’t know they’re pregnant.

Healthline – Alcohol Consumption is Increasing During Pregnancy: Why Experts Are Alarmed
“Look, here’s the deal. If you drink alcohol while you’re pregnant, you may be ruining your baby’s chances of ever having a normal life. All forms of alcohol are dangerous, even beer and wine. Play it smart. Alcohol and pregnancy don’t mix.”

In Your Area (UK) – Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder discussed in Parliament thanks to Ayr charity
An Ayr charity were welcomed to Scottish Parliament to highlight the work they do in supporting those affected by Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

Musings From An Autistic Carer – FACS v FASD -A personal story of parent carer blaming
I have been quite candid in describing my personal experiences of being falsely accused of FII (fabricated or induced illnesses) and institutionalised parent carer blaming, but there were more issues at stake than merely having 2 children with probable autistic spectrum disorders.

Kids Brain Health Network (Canada) – Building a Village of Support: Alex’s Story
For Tracy and Eric, adoption always felt like the right choice. They adopted their first two children—daughter Mackenzie and son Alex—in 2010, and their family expanded in 2011 when they adopted their youngest son, Jackson.

Nutrition Research Institute – The influence of maternal weight and alcohol exposure on infant physical characteristics and neurodevelopmental outcomes
A new study from NRI scientists, Julie Hasken, PhD, MPH, and Philip May, PhD, published on ScienceDirect in May 2022 examines the influence of maternal weight and alcohol exposure in infant physical characteristics and neurodevelopment outcomes.