CBC (Canada) – Her son’s disorder has been part of her world for years. Now this mom’s focus is helping others. Tanya Walsh’s job at the Vitalité Health Network connects her with families navigating life with FASD

Express & Star (UK) – Wolverhampton campaigner takes fight to Parliament over ‘hidden disability’ FASD. A Wolverhampton disability campaigner says a hidden condition that impacts her maths and memory skills has led to her getting turned down for more than 100 jobs.

National Indigenous Times (Australia) – The system is the real “terror” in youth justice
How can the West Australian Premier Mark McGowan get away with describing a group of kids with disabilities as “terrorists”? Especially when we know that many of them grew up in the care and under the control of his own State’s Child Protection system.

Alaska’s News Source (USA) – Teen speaks about trouble navigating Alaska’s mental health system
Recent studies show Alaska Natives and American Indians suffer more depression and cases of mental illness than any other group in the country.

Nvrinformed – What’s the deal with consequences? It’s something that comes up often, especially with adoptive parents and parents of children with SEND (special educational needs and disabilities). Parents often feel they’ve done something wrong when setting boundaries and imposing consequences lead to escalations in tricky behaviour. Parents can easily feel really lost with it all.

Telethon Kids (Australia) – Nine out of ten young people in detention found to have severe neuro-disability. Nine out of ten incarcerated youth examined by Telethon Kids Institute researchers as part of a ground-breaking study had some form of neuro-disability – most of which had gone previously undiagnosed despite multiple contacts with government and other agencies.

Verywell Mind – Understanding Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Its Impact on Mental Health
Fetal alcohol syndrome is one of several syndromes within a group of disorders known as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD), where a child experiences issues with growth, central nervous system problems, facial feature differences, and problems with attention span, learning, vision, and hearing.

Maternity & Midwifery Forum (UK) – Increasing confidence levels in alcohol and pregnancy conversations
The messages around drinking alcohol in pregnancy have often been confusing, leaving maternity staff unclear about what is best advice. Joanna Buckard, Director of Innovation, and Katie Liddle, midwife and research and project officer, at National FASD explain the current guidance and share new resources available to help support maternity staff.

FASD United – An Interview with Kenny LaJoy: FASD Advocacy and Understanding
Author of It’s OK to Be You: Living Well with FASD or Other Disabilities, and overall amazing human being- Kenny LaJoy kindly accepted an interview to be shared in conjunction with our “Yes I Am” campaign (a follow-up to “Yes I Can”).

National FASD (UK) – National FASD Responds to Commons Report on Alcohol Treatment Services
Nowhere in the near 30-page report is FASD or harms caused by alcohol exposure in utero mentioned. This is in spite of the Committee receiving written evidence regarding the need for specialist treatment services for specialist support for women in pregnancy from local alcohol and substance misuse providers and other mentions of FASD prior to the report’s publication.