EUFASD News 29 May 2022

NZ Herald (New Zealand) – Neurological disabilities at the centre of appeal for teenage killer Haami Hanara
Lawyers of teenage killer Haami Hanara say his diagnosis of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder could be the key to determining if he was fit to stand trial for the 2018 murder of Kelly Donner.

BC Gov News (Canada) – B.C. improves inclusivity for people with developmental disabilities
New provincial funding of nearly $5.3 million means more organizations can focus on creating projects that will make life better for people with developmental disabilities.

If you trip and fall and skin your knee but are otherwise alright, you have a bad moment.  If you trip and fall and break your arm, you may have a bad day, but not a bad life.

FASD Hub Scotland – Experiences of young people with FASD: photos, thoughts and words from young people
FASD Hub Scotland is delighted to share the photos and views of young people from this research study by Miranda Eodanable into the lived experiences of young people with FASD. We think our young people are amazing – many thanks to all those who took part.

National Organisation for FASD (UK) – WPI Students Help Map Out Potential Support Needs for UK Adults and Young Adults with FASD
Over the course of this Spring, Caitlin Bonavita, Grace Casey, and Josie Kim, 3rd year science and engineering university students from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the US, have worked together on an informative project with National FASD that begins to shine a light on the need for more to be done in the UK regarding FASD care provisions for adults with FASD.

CanFASD blog (Canada) – Successful Launch of CanFASD’s Pilot Trainee Program
This year, CanFASD launched and piloted an exciting new program for students and early career researchers and professionals in Canada working in the field of FASD.

My Life with T – Sharing A Child’s FASD Diagnosis with Them
How do you share difficult life changing news with a young child? That’s a question I’ve been thinking a lot about since we received T’s FASD diagnosis in January.

When the Adult Leadership Collaborative (ALC) of FASD Changemakers did our second Lay of the Land Survey on Quality of Life for Adults with FASD, I was the one who did all the background research and definitions for quality of life because that was what we thought we were going to try to measure.