Insider – Less than 1 alcoholic drink a week in pregnancy is enough to change the fetal brain, study suggests
Having less than one alcoholic drink a week during pregnancy is enough to change the fetal brain in ways that can lead to problems once a child is born, like language deficits, new research suggests.

Love What Matters – It Took 12 Years For My Son To Be Diagnosed With Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Wyatt is our second child, adopted in 2001. He was a happy baby. His sister always doted on him and said, ‘She spoke Wyatt, so he didn’t need to speak.’ It was hard to know if his apparent delays were a result of adoption trauma, or if there was more there we didn’t know about.

Insider – A mom who drank a few glasses of wine while pregnant had a son with developmental issues. She said the buzz wasn’t worth it.
When Natalie Battaglia finally got pregnant with her first child after over a year of trying, she “cherished it like nothing else.” That meant avoiding anything that could harm the baby, including alcohol, save for the very occasional half-glass of champagne.

University of Calgary (Canada) – Collaboration and community support needed to address mental health challenges in children with neurodevelopmental disabilities
This story is the second in a three-part series on how University of Calgary researchers and the United Way are making progress in the areas of raising successful kids, building strong communities and overcoming poverty. Together, we can improve lives in our community.

ScienceDaily – Brain organoids reveal in detail the harms of prenatal alcohol exposure
No amount of alcohol consumption is safe for a developing fetus. A new study presents in molecular detail how alcohol harms growth and functioning of developing brain organoids.

Healthline – Drinking During Pregnancy May Change Baby’s Brain Structure
Even small amounts of alcohol can cause changes to a developing baby’s brain structure. That’s the conclusion of a study presented today at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

Medscape UK – Prenatal Alcohol Exposure: Identification Improves Outcomes
Dr Jenny Bennison Summarises the SIGN Guideline on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Highlights the Role of Primary Care in Identifying Children who are At Risk

Salford Now (UK) – “I’m parenting a child with an invisible disease” Salford University’s ‘groundbreaking’ research into Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
The University of Salford has received £400,000 of funding for research into children who are affected by their mother drinking whilst pregnant.

VOCPRI – Virtual Art Exhibition and Competition for Neurodiverse Artists, Their Families, and Caregivers
The London & Regional FASD Conference 2022, sponsored by the Volunteer Organization of CPRI (VOCPRI), is able to showcase the remarkable artistic talent of individuals that identify as neurodiverse.

CanFASD (Canada) – Substance Use Treatment with People with FASD
It is National Addictions Awareness Week. In celebration, we wanted to share a little bit about a project we are working on to improve substance use treatment in individuals with FASD.

Our Voices and Life in Wisconsin – Invisible Disabilities & Effects
The problem with hidden disabilities, and their symptoms, is just that, they are hidden. This really is a causation for a plethora of problems not only with the individual suffering, but those around them as those individuals may not recognize that the sufferer is experiencing issues.

CanFASD – FASD Prevention Seminar Series: Level 3 & 4 Holistic Support in Pregnancy and Postpartum
The third level of the FASD Prevention Model includes specialized prenatal support and the provision of respectful and holistic care and treatment for girls and women who are using alcohol during pregnancy, and have related health, social, and financial concerns.