Squamish Chief (Canada) – FASD respite funding will help B.C. families in need of relief
Families with children experiencing the effects of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) can now apply for grant funding to help with respite or relief needs.

Midlothian View (UK) – Adoption UK calls for faster FASD diagnoosis
Adoption UK says the current NHS crisis could lead to even longer delays for hundreds of families awaiting an FASD diagnosis across the UK.

The Conversation (Australia) – Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is tragic but not new. How should fresh funding tackle it in the NT?
In recent weeks, the Australian and Northern Territory governments announced new funding to address the longstanding, much-publicised challenges facing Central Australia.

News Medical – Prenatal alcohol exposure associated with the facial shape of children
Researchers have used artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technology to find a link between alterations in the shape of children’s faces and the amount of alcohol their mothers drank, both before becoming pregnant and during pregnancy.

Edinburgh Live (Scotland) – West Lothian mum on adopted son’s struggles after birth mother drank while pregnant
Karen and her husband John noticed their son was struggling with his emotions and behaviour as he started to grow older. After a six-year wait, they were finally told he has FASD after his birth mother drank heavily.

Science Alert – Even a Small Amount of Alcohol During Pregnancy Linked to Changes in a Child’s Face
Just one glass of wine a week during pregnancy has been linked to permanent changes in a child’s facial features – and possibly their cognitive abilities too.

STAT – Pregnant people with substance use disorders need treatment, not criminalization
Though it may be hard for many to fathom, even pregnant people and new parents can have active substance use disorders. They need support, not criminalization.

Indiana Alliance – Love is in the Air! Dating Somone with FASD: What you Need to Know
The dating scene nowadays is like the wild west. If for no other reason neither the dating scene nor the wild west is as glamorous as it is perceived to be in the movies. Real life is messy, and in relationships we all bring different strengths and weaknesses to the table.

Indiana Alliance – Adulting with FASD: Personal Space… It’s not Just Physical
I don’t know many people that enjoy others encroaching on their personal space. It feels weird, and it is just creepy. Even if it is a family member or a close friend. I noticed that I struggle with other people’s personal space, their EMOTIONAL, Personal Space.