BBC (UK) – Better diagnosis of FASD in children needed, adoptive mum says
An adoptive mother is calling for the NHS to improve its diagnosis for children exposed to alcohol in the womb, so their families can be helped.

Boston 25 News (USA) – Pandemic-induced drinking raises concerns over harm to unborn children
The pandemic has created a lot of stress. Often a simple way to find relief is a glass of wine or a beer. Surveys show drinking is up significantly, particularly among women.

NBC News – How this mom of 10 — including 6 with fetal alcohol disorder — conquered pandemic parenting
When schools closed in March 2020 at the start of the Covid-19 outbreak, Alicia Dougherty suddenly found herself at home … with all 10 of her children.

Healthing (Canada) – New clinic to improve understanding of fetal alcohol syndrome
Janet Carioni knew what to look for when her two young sons began showing symptoms of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). The occupational therapist had worked with a FASD assessment team before moving to Ottawa.

Salford Now (UK) – Salford professor says ‘big gap’ in knowledge of foetal alcohol spectrum disorder following first ever UK-wide study
The leader of a University of Salford team examining foetal alcohol spectrum disorder says that there is more work to be done on researching the disorder.

BingUNews – Research project to explore how pre-natal alcohol exposure leads to ‘anxious’ offspring
Born to mothers who used alcohol during their pregnancy, these individuals were apparently primed to be anxious. They fretted about leaving the safe confines of home and were more likely to turn to alcohol themselves to ease the pressures of life.