The Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland (Scotland) – FASD is becoming more of a concern for community nurses and midwives
In March 2022, the Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland conducted an online survey about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). This was a Year 1 activity of Healthier Pregnancies, Better Lives (HPBL) – a QNIS programme supported by Cattanach and The National Lottery Community Fund.

The Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland (Scotland) – Speaking About Drinking
This second blog in the series has a sharper focus and enables the participating community nurses and midwives across Scotland to speak for themselves through their responses.

The Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland (Scotland) – What Invisibility Looks Like
This is the third in a series of blogs reporting on what we learned from the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) survey, completed by a cross-section of Scotland’s community nurses and midwives.

The Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland (Scotland) – Spotlighting a Blind Spot
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) have been a long-standing ‘blind spot’ within Scottish (and British) society, including in its health, education, social work and justice systems.

Government of Western Australia – $6.1 million boost to Preventing FASD Project to change lives for the better
The McGowan Labor Government is expanding Western Australia’s successful Preventing FASD Project with a $6.1 million funding boost to be included in the upcoming State Budget.

Today Show – Mom of 12 opens up about adopting kids with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Alicia Dougherty went viral on TikTok after posting a time-lapse video of her next level meal-prepping skills for her family of 10 children.

RACGP (Australia) – Support for alcohol-free pregnancies
General practitioners, as keystone providers of antenatal care, are a vital source of information and advice about drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Patients who are pregnant or trying to conceive want their GPs to provide clear and consistent advice about alcohol as early as possible in pregnancy.

Newsroom (New Zealand) – ‘There are no bad kids, only hurt ones’
We must respond, rather than react, to what is happening within our communities and understand why young people are engaged in crime

Stuff (New Zealand) – How pregnancy warnings got on alcohol products
Scientists knew for decades that alcohol can cause lifelong harm to unborn children, but it took more than 25 years of effort to get effective warning labels on alcohol products in New Zealand and Australia.