Australian Government (Australia) – $37.2 million for Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder support and awareness
The Australian Government is investing more than $37 million for Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) diagnostic services to increase access and reduce waiting times, as well as launching a new National Awareness Campaign for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Women.

Todayville (Canada) – Red Deer RCMP recognized for work with young offenders with FASD
Members of the Red Deer RCMP’s Community Policing unit were honoured with the Central Alberta FASD Network’s 2021 FASD Champion Award last month.

Scoop (New Zealand) – Formal Acknowledgement Of FASD Failings One Step Closer
An updated statement of response from the Crown regarding WAI 2624, which is part of the Health Services and Outcomes Kaupapa Inquiry (WAI 2575) and the Justice System Kaupapa Inquiry (WAI 3060), admits there is no New Zealand specific data on the prevalence of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) and the extent of the issue is quantified only by overseas data.

The BMJ (UK) – Neglect of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder must end
In September, the UK government published its long awaited report on health needs assessment for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).1 This document covers many of the challenges associated with FASD, a condition caused by exposure to alcohol before birth affecting brain development and resulting in neurodevelopmental, physical and sometimes mental health problems that persist throughout life.

The Area News (Australia) – Trying for a baby? Put down the wine
When Sophie and her husband knew they wanted to try for a baby, she knew what precautions to take. She stopped smoking a year before coming off contraception; started taking folate and pregnancy vitamin supplements; stopped eating pate and soft cheeses; made sure her salad was washed thoroughly; and cut down her alcohol intake with the intention of stopping entirely once she fell pregnant.

Science Daily – MRI reveals altered brain structure in fetuses exposed to alcohol
In the first MRI-based study to investigate pre-natal alcohol exposure, researchers found significant changes in the brain structure of fetuses exposed to alcohol compared to healthy controls.

CanFASD (Canada) – Health Canada Updates their FASD Page
Last month, Health Canada released their new information page on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). This update is a huge step forward towards increased consistency, reduced confusion, and improved understanding of FASD in Canada.