EUFASD – EUFASD 2022 Registration is Open
Welcome to EUFASD 2022! in the charming town of Arendal in Southern Norway! The first Regional Competence Center for children with prenatal alcohol/drug exposure in the Nordic countries is proud to host this exciting cutting-edge conference for the first time in Norway.

University of Eastern Finland (Finland) – Pregnant women’s drinking correlates with their partner’s drinking
Pregnant women’s use of alcohol correlates with that of their partner, a new study from the University of Eastern Finland and Kuopio University Hospital shows. Paying attention to both parents’ use of alcohol may help to prevent drinking during pregnancy, as well as foetal exposure to the adverse effects of alcohol.

Stuff (New Zealand) – Disabled and criminalised: FASD families continue to suffer in the justice system
At the hands of her son, Kylie endured horrific violence, but when he was brought before the courts for his actions, she became his defender.

SaltWire (Canada) – GRANT FROST: A golden opportunity to address gaps for kids with FASD in Atlantic Canada
“As far as we know (to date, at least), FASD only occurs when a woman consumes alcohol while pregnant,” writes Grant Frost. “That statement brings forward, for many, a clear notion of ‘What kind of a mother …’ we are talking about here, and results in a somewhat shameful collective turning of our backs.”

Government of New Brunswick (Canada) – Funding for expansion of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Centre of Excellence
The government has earmarked $800,000 to increase capacity at the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Centre of Excellence in Dieppe.