Sliders are a fantastic way to add a feature area to your website. In most cases compiling slider images and content is something that we get you to do, but will certainly give you guidance on developing the best option for you based on your images, content and site goals.

We see sliders used in a range of ways, some examples are:


In the Yfoundations website the slider is used in addition to the site navigation – each slide represents on of the key main menu items. For yfoundations it was important that the different user groups that visited the site were guided to key areas. 


The slider on the Aftercare site is used to take people to areas of interest in the site. The slides consist of text embedded onto an image. 

Framework Convention Alliance

In the FCA website the slider content is coming from a website article. The slider content comes from the article title (grey text area) and an image from the content. 

Job Futures

Job Futures uses their slider to show infographics of key organisational data sets. These infographics were developed by an infographic designer, they are an additional cost to the standard site design, but we can give you more information about cost and process if you are interested. 

Zen tools

It is worth showing you this fantastic slider tool that Energetica uses on our sites, there are a range of layout options and it may assist in giving you inspiration.