The Russell Family Fetal Alcohol Disorders Association (rffada) is a not-for-profit health promotion charity dedicated to ensuring that individuals affected prenatally by alcohol have access to diagnostic services, support and multidisciplinary management planning in Australia and that carers and parents are supported with a “no blame no shame” ethos.

4 areas guide our work:

1. Prevention
2. Individual, parent and family support
3. Education and training
4. Involvement in research and projects

We understand that we cannot solve the problems related to fetal alcohol exposure and FASD on our own. That’s why working in partnership with others is critical to achieving our goals. These relationships are a key part of the work we do around Australia and we are glad to have partners who understand the importance of this work (Anne Russell, founder).

5 goals for the future of FASD prevention and management in Australia:

  1. Support individuals to access assessment and diagnosis at sites across Australia
  2. Alcohol and pregnancy education modules to all secondary schools
  3. Support, educate and care for birth, foster and adoptive parents
  4. Promote FASD understanding and knowledge in practice
  5. Funding to offer paid positions

National Patron

The Hon. Dr Sharman Stone, Australia’s Global Ambassador for Women and Girls

International Patrons

Diane V Malbin MSW Fascets Inc, FASD Expert

International Speaker Jeff Noble, foster parent, international educator and presenter on ‘The FASD Success Show”

RFFADA Board 2020-21

Amanda Mulligan – President
Tina Jones – Secretary
Vicki Russell PhD – Treasurer

Board members – Amanda Mulligan, Elizabeth Russell, Sam Pinnell, Adelle Rist, Tina Jones, Dr Dee Basaraba PhD, Dr Vicki Russell PhD, Melanie Spencer.


The rffada vision is to have FASD-specific health, allied health and related services available for all those who require them and to support raising awareness of the consequences of alcohol consumption during pregnancy.


The mission of the rffada is to support families, to provide information, training and education to increase the capacity of communities, organisations and individuals to support those people living with FASD to live to their full potential.

Contact Us

Elizabeth QLD
0412 550 540