FASD Me (UK) – UK FASD Manifesto. People with FASD here in the UK have created a manifesto that says how they would like doctors, teachers, parents and others to better support people with FASD.

The Clare Champion (Ireland) – Ireland’s first FASD hub launched in Ennis. IRELAND’S first national hub to support individuals, families and carers living with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) launched this week in Ennis.

the Vernon Morning Star (Canada) – Report calls on B.C. to fully fund mental health screening for neurodivergent children. A new research report is reiterating a call for B.C. to fully fund and implement mental-health screening, assessment and treatment for children and youth with neurodevelopmental conditions.

Family Fund (UK) – “Family Fund has had a huge impact on our lives”. Seven-year-old Isaac lives in Halifax, England, with his adoptive mum, Amanda, and older sister, Andraya,14. Isaac was diagnosed with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), which is classed as organic brain damage that first occurs within the womb when the foetus is growing.

Run FASD – Get Ready! Run FASD 2023- An Interview with Coach Rebecca. April is a busy month, and the rest of 2023 seems to promise the same. It is our immense honor to re-introduce Run FASD and Coach Rebecca Tillou.

Adoption UK – FASD – Building on 20 years of progress. The FASD conference FASD in the UK: Building on 20 years of progress, held last week, was an opportunity to look back on the progress that has been made in that time. I’ve been part of the FASD community for 14 of those 20 years.

FASD Ireland – Salford FASD Conference. FASD Ireland’s Maggie May reviews the Salford FASD Conference as someone living with FASD.

Stuff (New Zealand) – Abuse and violence from disabled children to caregivers commonplace
Anita Gibbs is a professor of social work and criminology at the University of Otago, and is an adoptive mum of neuro-diverse children; one of whom lives with FASD. She is actively engaged in organisations and support for families living with FASD.

Creating a Family – Explaining Prenatal Exposure to Your Child. Are you raising an adopted, foster, or kinship child who was exposed to drugs or alcohol while their birth mother was pregnant? Many of us parenting kids with prenatal substance exposure grapple with what to tell them about prenatal exposure. Avoiding the topic can contribute to our kids feeling shame, confusion, and even self-blame.

Channel 103 – Calls For Attention On Alcohol In Pregnancy. Jersey’s government’s being asked to do more to support children who are suffering as a result of being exposed to alcohol before birth.

ITV (UK) – Women asked to share whether they drank alcohol while pregnant. Public Health Jersey is looking for women to share whether they drank alcohol while they were pregnant.