This will be the last bulletin for the year and all of us at the rffada wish you a happy, healthy, safe Christmas. Please remember if you are pregnant no amount of alcohol is safe for your baby.

We appreciate your support and that you bring this information to other people. By doing this I believe we are reducing the number of children born with FASD – slowly but surely.

Do you remember the story about the starfish? However many you throw back won’t matter as there are too many washed up starfish to save? As she throws one starfish back into the sea the little girl says…“It will matter to this one”! That’s how I see what we are doing. There are so many people and so much to do but if you help us and bring the message to just one other person, then even if we cant save the world, it will matter to the one we can save.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Rffada channel on YouTube

Rffada Facebook — the rffada on FB is gradually becoming a forum where people can ask questions about FASD and obtain a variety of answers. This is what I had hoped would happen with this FB site because there are around 200,000 people with FASD in Australia so there are many mothers, fathers, carers, aunties, grandmothers and services trying to figure out how to help these people. The more people who can link to the rffada site on FB, the more solutions there might be for a question from a distressed mother.

Thanks to all those people who are friends of the rffada 🙂

FASD Presentations

See Anne’s new presentations on YouTube under rffada. They are comprised of 11 succinct presentations on various aspects of FASD and the information specific to that aspect. There is a great amount of information about FASD on the Internet but sometimes its hard to sift through it all when you just need something specific. These presentations make it easier for service providers and parents and carers to find the information they need. Feedback is most welcome.

FASD Training

The first publicly available FASD training in Australia is being delivered around Australia. For further information contact anne [at] trainingca [dot] com [dot] au


Calendar of Events

Christmas! 🙂


Kind Regards

Anne Russell