Seth Russell has added FASD as a discussion topic to the Australian Youth Forum.

A Drink A Day OK For Pregnant Mothers — Heavy drinking during pregnancy is linked to fetal alcohol syndrome, a condition that causes growth, mental, and physical problems.

Govt. plans to ban alcohol ads. Meanwhile, South Africa has the highest cases of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). The effects of FAS are permanent and irreversible

Drinking During Pregnancy OK, Some Doctors Say – WRTV Indianapolis – Fetal alcohol syndrome causes growth, mental and physical problems, but Danish researchers said low to moderate amounts of beer, wine or liquor may not

WA Today Sydney, Australia ‘Everyday mums’ encouraged to curb stress and the spirits. Jenna Clarke June 18, 2012 [Video] Alcohol and Pregnancy State Government advert warns pregnant women against drinking alcohol.

Christine Rogan from Alcohol Health Watch in New Zealand speaks out about the latest research on alcohol and pregnancy.

Alcohol is a powerful teratogenic agent, it disrupts fetal development at a molecular level in very specific ways. Safety limits should applied as they would be for any other toxin, i.e. 1000 fold – at least – below the level that indicates measureable damage, In this study measureable changes occur in 5 year old children at as a little as 9 drinks per week – so a ‘safe’ limit should be around 0.009 drinks per week – i.e. essentially no alcohol at all.

Kathyn E Kitson Associate Professor Institute of Food Nutrition and Human Health Massey University

Shock stats show booze strife rampant

Herald Sun, online, 22 June 2012

ALCOHOL-related problems have spiraled out of control over the last decade, with ambulance attendances and assaults soaring.

ATCA Symposium

27–30 August 2012 | Hotel Grand Chancellor | Launceston, Tasmania

Creating an inclusive system provides challenges – this year’s ATCA Symposium explores the barriers to treatment, addressing stigma and discussing the need for change within the treatment environment. The Symposium program features:

• Dr Nicole Lee — What do we know about brain impairment and what does it mean for treatment?

• Mark Lamont: Coping with identity crisis — insights from an ABI perspective

• Rodney Croome: Homophobia and mental health

• Connie Donato-Hunt: Finding the right help: Barriers and pathways to treatment for culturally diverse clients

• Dr Richard Chenhall & Dr Peter Kelly: Client Progress and Assessment in Alcohol and other Drug Therapeutic Community Treatment

• Associate Professor David Best: Recovery and Stigma

Details and Registration forms available at:

www.atca.com.au or by emailing: Executive Officer Lynne Magor-Blatch atca [at] atca [dot] com [dot] au

Doctors warn drinking mothers of baby danger ABC Online

By Bridget Brennan Health researchers and doctors say the Northern Territory could have the highest rate of foetal alcohol syndrome in the nation.

Elders impart a few home truths

The Age, online 25 June 2012

Ms Oscar and Ms Carter say they are alarmed by the number of children being born with severe learning disabilities because their mothers consumed alcohol during pregnancy.

Danish Studies

Paper 1: The Lifestyle During Pregnancy Study Group. The effect of different alcohol drinking patterns in early to mid-pregnancy on the child’s intelligence, attention, and executive function

Paper 2: The effects of low to moderate prenatal alcohol exposure in early pregnancy on IQ in 5-year-old children

Paper 3: The effect of alcohol binge drinking in early pregnancy on general intelligence in children

Paper 4: The effects of low to moderate alcohol consumption and binge drinking in early pregnancy on selective and sustained attention in 5-year-old children

Paper 5: The effects of low to moderate alcohol consumption and binge drinking in early pregnancy on executive function in 5-year-old children

Toward a neurobehavioral profile of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders

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Relation over Time between Facial Measurements and Cognitive Outcomes in Fetal Alcohol-Exposed Children

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Implementation and Development of Federally-Funded Systems of Care over Time

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Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in Israel: increased prevalence in an at-risk population

Authors: Ariel Tenenbaum, Pnina Hertz, Talia Dor, Yael Castiel, Alon Sapir, Isaiah D Wexler

Tsunami of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Coming

Northern Territory Criminal Lawyers Association Russell Goldflam says that because many Territory women about to reach child-bearing age are alcoholics, the number of mentally impaired offenders will grow.

“We have got a tsunami of foetal alcohol syndrome that’s coming,” he said.

Aussies the biggest recreational drug users in the world — report

News.com.au, online 27-Jun-12

AUSTRALIANS and New Zealanders are the biggest recreational drug users in the world, according to the 2012 United Nations World Drug Report.

Mentally ill in jail ‘tantamount to torture’ — ABC News

The NT Government is being urged to address a law that sees mentally impaired people kept in jail indefinitely and without conviction.

Mentally impaired held in NT jails without conviction — ABC News

Experts appeal to the NT Government to address a law that sees the mentally impaired jailed indefinitely, without being convicted.