RAFFADA produces and collates a range of forms relating to FASD.
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rffada FASD brochure

Rffada FASD Brochure

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rffada FASD 12 steps brochure

12 Steps for Birth Mothers

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pdf FASD Brochure for Indigenous People 922.15 KB(this brochure has been viewed and approved by Indigenous people but is not specific to any particular community)

Alcohol harm unborn child poster

Alcohol can harm your unborn baby

A3 Poster available — Download PDF



Recent Diagnosis brochure thumbnail

Has your child recently been diagnosed with one of the fetal alcohol spectrum disorders?

Or do you think he or she may have this condition? See what birth mother Elizabeth (Anne) says. Download Article (PDF)



What is FASD poster

What is FASD?

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FASD Training

FASD and the rffada

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Get a Grip — FASD Poster and Brochure

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The Preventable Disability brochure

A Preventable Disability

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pdfFASD: The Hidden Harm354.49 KB (A publication by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legan Affairs after the recommendations from the Inquiry were released)