“This webinar is aimed at legal advocates and poverty law lawyers…”

Effective communication with a client can be difficult
to achieve under ideal circumstances, let alone if your client has fetal
alcohol spectrum disorder. Individuals affected by FASD are at a higher risk of
being involved with the law and the court system. Understanding the
communication difficulties common among individuals with FASD can go a long way
towards trying to minimize negative and repeated encounters with the legal
system. Our presenters, Robyn Matthews and Myles Himmelreich, will be providing
some insight on how FASD can affect communication with a client and practical
tips for effective communication with clients with FASD. Robyn Matthews is the
Family and Community Support Coordinator with the Asante Centre and Myles
Himmelreich is a well-known motivational speaker on FASD, having presented
nationally and internationally for many years, sharing his experiences in
living with FASD.