We’ve partnered with 6 remarkable teens with FASD, to listen and learn what they want us (and all of you!) to know about their experiences with school, work, friendships, family, their communities, and more.

Adopt4LifeON – Until Next Time—School | FASD & Me: For Teens video series
If you’re a teen, school is a BIG part of your everyday. For teens with FASD, it can also be a place where you don’t always feel seen, understood, or accepted. With the right supports though, things can be a lot better. Hear what our team of teen mentors with FASD want you to know about school, and how to help. Until next time!

Adopt4LifeON – Until Next Time—Introduction | FASD & Me: For Teens video series
Caring for someone with FASD doesn’t come with a manual—but we’ve got the next best thing!

FASD United – FASD United Affiliate Meeting – January 18, 2024

FASD United – FASD United Policy Forum – January 2024

Patricia Kasper, Your FASD Coach – Understanding Suggestibility in FASD with Dr. Jerrod Brown
Join your host and FASD coach, Patti Kasper, as she welcomes the incredibly knowledgeable Dr. Jerrod Brown back to the microphone for a session packed with insights that promise to leave you with pages of notes.

National FASD – Taking the message to the Health and Social Care Committee
The National Organisation for FASD’s Chief Executive Sandra Butcher gave oral evidence to the Health and Social Care Committee on 6 February 2024 about the prevention of harm from alcohol in pregnancy and the prevention of further harm from undiagnosed and unsupported FASD.

Patricia Kasper, Your FASD Coach – Embracing Neurodiversity & FASD: a Candid Conversation with Jodee Kulp
In this enlightening episode, we have the privilege of engaging with Jodee Kulp, an esteemed advocate in FASD circles with a wealth of knowledge and personal insight into FASD. Jodee brings to the conversation a profound understanding of the “normal” that comes with neurodiversity, sharing her family’s journey through the lens of both a parent and an individual with FASD.

Talk Like a Mother: Parenting Autism Podcast – Interview with Natalie Vecchione from FASD Hope
We had the pleasure of interviewing Natalie Vecchione of FASD Hope for FASD Awareness Month.

The raw and the real of FASD – Bio Mom vs Adoptive Mom
We are so happy to finally have this project up and started. This is the first of many videos you have been waiting for. Take a moment and listen to the perspective of two different mothers who are not so different after all.

Fasd Success Show – #141 Discover a New Mental Health Tool with Emma Jewell
Emma Jewell, MSW, RSW (she/her) is a registered social worker and Research Assistant with the Psychology, Law, and Neurodevelopment (PLAN) Policy and Research Group at the University of Guelph, as well as the Canada FASD Research Network.