Healthline – Your Guide to Resources for Children with Developmental Disabilities
Children with developmental differences often need extra services to support their physical health and mental well-being. But researching and connecting with specialists and other service providers can sometimes feel like a full-time job for parents and caregivers.

The Fostering Network (UK) – Understanding FASD
Is the young person in your care showing extreme, unpredictable or unexplained behaviours, sudden outbursts and issues around development or learning? Is it possible they were exposed to alcohol in the womb?

CanFASD Blog (Canada) – Embraced: The Quest to Make a Film
When our son was twelve, he exploded with a vengeance. Without warning, amidst a crowded outdoor concession stand, he power-kicked a soccer ball directly into his sister’s head. So I loaded him into a van for a road trip to explore, “why the anger?” Every few seconds he said something chilling, then contradicted it in the next sentence. I remained silent except to state, “I’m sorry” or “are you hungry?”.

Review of Optometry – Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Responsible for Vision Problems
Exposure to prenatal alcohol can result in a number of functional impairments, including ophthalmological abnormalities such as ptosis, refractive errors, strabismus, subnormal visual acuity and optic nerve hypoplasia. In those diagnosed with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs), such ophthalmic abnormalities often result in visual perception problems (VPPs).

ABC News (Australia) – Telethon Kids Institute helping WA Police reframe interactions with people with neurological impairments
A leading child health researcher is helping police officers in regional Western Australia have safer interactions with people who have neurological conditions such as foetal alcohol spectrum disorders or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Birthing for Life – Can You Drink Wine While Pregnant? Here’s Why NOT
Any amount of alcohol intake during pregnancy leads to intrauterine fetal exposure and can cause a wide range of deficits known as Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. For this reason, the global recommendation among medical groups is for pregnant women to avoid any type of alcohol consumption, including beer, wine and spirits.

Parents 1st UK (UK) – Avoiding alcohol during pregnancy – share your tips and ideas
Pregnancy is a life changing event, and this may affect our close relationships, especially if parents are feeling overwhelmed. Most of us are tempted to have ‘just the one’ drink when we’re feeling stressed.