Family Law Week (UK) – FASD: The neurodevelopmental disorder frequently overlooked within Family Law. Dr Cassie Jackson is Chartered Clinical Psychologist based in Norwich at the Psychology Clinic of East Anglia (PCEA) and is due to begin a part-time role working with the Surrey FASD clinic alongside Dr Raja Mukherjee and colleagues.

CCX Media (USA) – NEWSMAKERS: PROOF ALLIANCE WORKS TO PREVENT FETAL ALCOHOL SPECTRUM DISORDER. Mollie O’Brien, executive director of Proof Alliance Minnesota, says prenatal alcohol exposure impacts one in 20 babies in the U.S. and can result in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

Nextgov – Dad’s Drinking Tied to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Defects
New research challenges existing dogma that links fetal alcohol syndrome only to the mother’s drinking.

The Conversation – Planning for a baby? Why both men and women should consider quitting alcohol before and during pregnancy. When a couple is planning on having a baby, it’s often the woman who is seen as responsible for the health of the unborn child.

MJA Insight (Australia) – Complex neurodevelopmental disorders: MBS changes
Changes to the Medicare Benefits Schedule will benefit children and young people with complex neurodevelopmental disorders, write Elizabeth Elliott, Marcel Zimmet and Julie Flanagan.

Times News Group (Australia) – Pittman talks up the benefits of alcohol-free pregnancies
Olympian turned women’s health doctor Dr Jana Pittman wants to get Australians talking about alcohol-free pregnancies, and safe breastfeeding practices.

Neuroscience News – Exposure to Alcohol Through Breastmilk Affects Brain and Behavioral Development. Exposure to alcohol through a mother’s breastmilk can have serious and lasting implications for brain and behavioral development in children. Researchers found alcohol exposure via breastmilk resulted in smaller body and brain growth and decreased cortical length in mouse models.

RTE (Ireland) – Over a thousand babies born addicted to drugs in past decade
More than a thousand babies have been diagnosed as being born addicted to or affected by illegal and legal drugs in Ireland over the past decade.