Global News (Canada) – New sensory room for adults with FASD & Ronald McDonald House Golf Tournament

Scoop NZ (New Zealand) – FASD-CAN Response To ERO Report: Vulnerable Learners Failed By Alternative Education
We are responding to the various television, press and radio coverage on 27 June of the release of the Education Review Office (ERO) report on alternative education.

Castanet (Canada) – BC’s only adult assessment clinic for FASD in dire need of help to stay open
The only adult assessment clinic in B.C. for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder will, in all likelihood, have to close its doors.

Echo Press (USA) – An Echo Press Editorial: Addressing Pre-Natal Alcohol Exposure
For some, FASD is just a meaningless jumble of letters. In reality, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders can have a devastating impact on families. It occurs when a fetus is exposed to alcohol during pregnancy.

Croakey Health Media (Australia) – National alliance urges five key steps to reduce harms from alcohol
If the Australian Government is to achieve the stated goal of a 10 percent reduction in the harmful use of alcohol by 2028, some significant policy changes are needed, according to Hannah Pierce, Executive Officer for Alcohol Change Australia.

Oregon Capital Chronicle (USA) – Why WA is taking a new approach to caring for newborns exposed to drugs
In Washington, hospitals automatically report newborns affected by their mother’s use of drugs or alcohol during pregnancy to Child Protective Services.

CanFASD Blog – Trainee Series: An Interview About Engaging with Individuals with FASD in Your Practice
Hi everyone! My name is Kathleen Holmstrom, I am a first year Master of Education student in the University of Alberta’s School and Clinical Child Psychology program.

Girls, Women, Alcohol, and Pregnancy – Supportive Alcohol Policy as a Key Component in FASD Prevention. In Canada, the Four-Part Model of FASD Prevention is used to describe the continuum of multi-sectoral prevention efforts, including broad awareness campaigns, safe and respectful conversations around pregnancy and alcohol use, and holistic wraparound support services for pregnant and postpartum women with alcohol and other health and social concerns.

Prevention Conversation – UNDERSTANDING THE COMPLEX REASONS BEHIND ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION DURING PREGNANCY. Alcohol consumption during pregnancy is a multifaceted issue that cannot be attributed to a single cause. Pregnant women or gender diverse individuals may consume alcohol for various reasons, ranging from underestimating the risks to facing social and economic challenges.