EUFASD News 14 Sep 2022

Nordic Welfare Center – How to strengthen the focus on children affected by prenatal alcohol exposure to help them lead a good life?
The primary focus of this report is the post-pregnancy period and the support and follow-up for children born with prenatal alcohol exposure, and their families.

Government of Northwest Territories (Canada) – September is FASD Awareness Month: Building Strengths and Abilities
September is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) awareness month. This time is dedicated to creating conversation about FASD, improving prevention of FASD, and supporting those living with FASD. The theme for this year’s FASD awareness month is Building Strength and Abilities.

Stuff (New Zealand) – Calls for more support on FASD Awareness Day
When *Reuben thinks about fetal alcohol spectrum disorder he imagines barriers. He thinks about the struggles of relationships, addiction and drug abuse, recalling the challenges he faced in school.

CBC (Canada) – Opening the door to my identity: How an FASD diagnosis shaped my life during the COVID-19 pandemic
I was at home watching YouTube in March 2020 when I first learned about COVID-19 getting serious. I saw a video that said the virus was spreading around China and getting to other parts of the world. After that, we were told to stay home.

CapeTalk (South Africa) – SA’s high rate of FASD largely due to ignorance – FARR SA
Africa Melane is joined by Dr Leana Olivier, CEO at Foundation For Alcohol Related Research to talk about how consuming alcohol affects unborn babies.

CQ Today (Australia) – ‘Silent’ epidemic is preventable
Held on Friday, 9 September, International FASD Awareness Day is about “giving a voice for the unborn”.

Saltwire – GRANT FROST: Don’t let brief spotlight on fetal alcohol fade into inaction
If you happen to be strolling past Halifax’s City Hall on Friday night, you may notice something odd. The entire building will be bathed in a glow of red light.

The Irish Times (Ireland) – Why does Ireland have so many cases of foetal alcohol syndrome?
Ireland is estimated to have the third-highest prevalence of FAS in the world, with about 600 babies born here each year with the syndrome

Refiloe Mpakanyane was in conversation with Dr Fundile Nyati – the CEO of Proactive Health Solutions as the world marked Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Day (FASD) on Friday.

The George Institute – ‘Glass baby’ makes future parents think before they drink
A hard-hitting awareness campaign on the dangers of drinking during pregnancy successfully increased concerns about unborn babies’ exposure to alcohol and discouraged women from drinking while pregnant.

Blada (France) – SAFTHON 2022
On September 9, on the occasion of the international day for the fight against Fetal Alcohol Disorder (FASD) and throughout the month of September, many actions will be deployed in France, overseas and worldwide, as part of SAFTHON.

Metro (UK) – I just thought I was a bit stupid – but my mum’s pregnancy drinking gave me brain damage
My bedroom is full of novels, but most of them are left unfinished. I love reading, but I can never get beyond the first chapter.

FASD Hope – 151 – FASD at 50 – A Conversation with Dr. Kenneth Lyons Jones and Andrea Torzon
Episode 151 is airing on September 9th – International FASD Awareness Day titled “FASD at 50” with Dr. Kenneth Lyons Jones and Andrea “Andy” Torzon, LMFT of the University of California San Diego School of Medicine’s Institute for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Discovery.

CanFASD (Canada) – National FASD Strategy
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) is the leading cause of neurodevelopmental disability in Canada, affecting 4% of the population. The prevalence of FASD is greater than Autism, Down Syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy combined.

In my first blog a year ago, I talked about the challenge of getting a FASD diagnosis for our son, despite many years of assessments looking for answers. We didn’t give up and eventually a diagnosis was given.