Fatherly – Yes, Dad’s Drinking May Contribute To Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. If you were to guess based on TV and movies, baby-making typically includes some R&B slow jams and a few glasses of wine. Unfortunately, this could be bad for the baby, as new research has prompted one expert to recommend that aspiring dads lay off of the booze for 90 days before they attempt to conceive.

FASD United – Learn With Liv: Internship at FASD United. As Liv interns at FASD United, she will be sharing the things she is learning and doing to inspire and explore FASD awareness through a public health lens. In her time with our organization, she will have opportunities to experience the roundedness of our programs, aid in important projects, and explore her understanding through reflection.

CanFASD – THO 2.0: An updated framework for integrated community intervention. The Towards Healthy Outcomes (THO) framework for individuals with FASD offers an individualized, evidence-based resource that facilitates collaborative goal-setting and intervention planning across the lifespan (Joly et al., 2022). THO was developed by the Intervention Network Action Team of Canada FASD Research Network, led by Dr. Jacqueline Pei and colleagues, and introduced to the community in 2019.

CBC (Canada) – Years-long wait for FASD diagnosis preventing vulnerable Manitoba youth from getting help they need, occupational therapist says. A 14-year-old girl fatally stabbed last month in downtown Winnipeg was just one of many youth on a long waiting list to be assessed for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

FASD United – Celebrating Women in Medicine: Interview with Adiaha Spinks-Franklin
For those of you who are unaware- It’s National Women Physician’s Day, February 3rd! This day celebrates the accomplishments and contributions of women in medicine. Specifically, it honors the birthday of Elizabeth Blackwell, who, in 1849 became the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States. https://fasdunited.org/celebrating-women-in-medicine-interview-with-adiaha-spinks-franklin/