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Also see our FASD resources (brochures, reports etc.) This page: Training Links Australian Websites Australian Support Groups General Information Training Download the brochures of the training available in Australia Australian Websites the peak body for FASD in Australia the website of Elizabeth Russell – Elizabeth’s books can be purchased form this site […]

How can FASD be Identified?

It is not necessary for a diagnosis to be made before certain strategies, interventions and accommodations can be put into place.  If it is believed by the family that the child has FASD implementing FASD-friendly accommodations will not hurt a child who doesnt have FASD but will make a difference to a child who does.  […]

FASD and Criminal Justice

A recent court case [September 2016] in Western Australia highlights the problem associated with diagnosing FASD.  The judgement is clear!  Those responsible for the care and support of people, must identify, diagnose and syupport those people with FASD.  FASD_Court_Case_in_WA.pdf260.14 KB …………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Contact with the criminal justice system is a common secondary disability of FASD.  It […]


These presentations may be useful to gain additional information not only about FASD but also the personal impact on families. 

These presentations were delivered at various conferences since 2000.

FASD and Education

For children with FASD to be educated appropriately certain things must be addressed.  The environment and method of teaching are both crucial.  If changes in these areas can be combined with teachers understanding the various characteristics of FASD such as concrete thinking and not being able to generalise information, secondary disabilities could be avoided. Download […]

Sarah’s article

Ok here is some text by Sarah this is incredibly amazing… Here is my heading isn’t it cool.   OK so here is my doc link. Download the best resource ever    


2008 – 2009 2008 – 2009 Annual Report408.81 KB 2009 – 2010 Board Charter396.88 KB Financial Records70.39 KB Assets and Liabilities63.39 KB Maintenance of Financial Records31.58 KB Minutes of the meeting 2009 – 2010384.5 KB 2010 – 2011 2010 – 2011 Annual Report386.95 KB 2011 – 2012 2011 – 2012 Annual Report546.07 KB 2012 – […]


The rffada thanks the outstanding contribution of the following organisations to FASD in Australia.  Women’s Christian Temperance Union   COLLABORATION FOR ALCOHOL RELATED DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES    HEALTHDIRECT AUSTRALIA Healthdirect Australia was established by the Council of Australian Governments with the purpose of providing all Australians with access to trusted professional health information without time or […]

Professional Affiliations


The rffada is a member of the following organisations.

The Queensland Network of Alcohol and Drug Agencies

Friend of the National Rural Health Alliance

National Alliance for Action on Alcohol



Collaboration for Alcohol Related Developmental Disorders (CARDD) (Formerly FASD Research Network) University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research

The Queensland Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Scientific Research Group resulted from a discussion Dr Janet Hammill had with Professor Wendy Hoy in late 2009.