Category: Strategies and Interventions

Essential Tips

1. Respect, build a relationship, and understand the learner: ·   acknowledge the learner’s developmental levels in various domains ·   spend time getting to know your learner ·   understand the needs and the feelings of the learner ·   give praise for steps taken ·   teach that mistakes are normal and help us to learn ·   get […]

The Right Job with the Right Employer

The Right job with the Right Employer is a critical aspect of sustainable employment for a person with FASD.  In many disability employment organisations, highlighting strengths and minimising areas for improvement is the standard mantra.  However with FASD it is important to also identify the areas where the individual has problems and ensure the employer is aware of them and how to manage them at work.  The employer also needs to understand why these areas cause problems and what needs to be in place (accommodations) to ensure that neither the employer or the employee is affected negatively.