Penticton Herald (Canada) – Lakeland Centre for FASD open house empowers and supports. The Lakeland Centre for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) open house drew attention as it provided a platform for education, awareness, and support for individuals and families navigating the challenges of this complex condition.https://www.pentictonherald.ca/spare_news/article_9865f205-2da6-5511-bf95-fd955f216568.html EurekAlert! – Researcher says men

The Conversation – For decades, mothers have borne the brunt of scrutiny for alcohol use during pregnancy − new research points to dad’s drinking as a significant factor in fetal alcohol syndromeMen drink more, are more likely to binge drink and are almost four times more likely to develop alcohol use

National FASD (UK) – Thank you Susan FleisherNational FASD honours and celebrates the legacy of our founder, Susan Fleisher, as her family and friends gather for her 30 October 2023 funeral.https://nationalfasd.org.uk/thank_you_susan_fleisher/ Global News (Canada) – Individual with FASD calls for less stigma at Saskatoon conferenceSaskatoon held a national conference on fetal alcohol

NordAN (Finland) – Thesis: Challenges faced by young adults exposed to prenatal substance useNiina-Maria Nissinen’s doctoral dissertation provides information on secondary disorders, such as educational challenges, long-term financial assistance problems, and mental health issues experienced by young people exposed to substances during pregnancy. https://www.nordicalcohol.org/post/thesis-challenges-faced-by-young-adults-exposed-to-prenatal-substance-use The Courier (UK) – Fife foster child Ruby’s ‘superpower’

The Fostering Network (UK) – Seeking support for children and young people with FASD in the UKIt’s a challenge to navigate a diagnosis of FASD in the NHS – a condition that remains poorly understood. It is a challenge for professionals who work in the system, and even more complex for